[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]About Our School

The Kings River-Hardwick School District is a one school Charter District.  Kings River Hardwick seeks to maintain a traditional small school atmosphere while promoting high expectations in a safe, friendly environment.  Our areas of focus are academics, social relationships, behavior, character, and physical well-being.

The district motto:  “Teaching children to lead the way” is lived daily in taking to heart the challenge of preparing children to communicate effectively; gather, use, and produce information; make informed, responsible decisions; respect the rights of others; become life-long learners; productive citizens; and enthusiastically embrace challenges and responsibilities.  Placed in the context of creating professional learning communities, these concepts are encouraged by the support of parents and families, drawing its standards from the traditional small school atmosphere so cherished by the charter community.

It was held by all stakeholders in the initial charter petition, and continues to be held today, that being a charter sets the school district apart and makes it even more special in the educational community it serves.  The district’s status as a charter district has become a core value in our school system and represents a clear and encouraging call to a can-do spirit and willingness to pursue what is best for children.

Mission Statement

The Kings River-Hardwick Union Elementary School Districtwide Charter, recognizing the value of every child, will continually strive to inspire students to learn and grow beyond their potential by:

  • Fostering a collegial team atmosphere between home, community, and school for the benefit of each student
  • Insuring a quality education and positive learning experience
  • Providing Instruction that meets the individual needs of each student
  • Developing the learning and social skills necessary for life-long learning
  • Facilitating an open-door policy allowing all people concerned with the well-being of each student